Erlend Mokkelbost is a Norwegian producer, composer, musician and music supervisor based in Oslo, Norway. He also runs the music collective ARC OSLO and the record label Pekula Records.

He has working for many years in music, starting his career in the hardcore/punk band JR Ewing and the avantgarde metalband KILLL, moving to the popband Montée in 2008.

In 2011 he started producing albums, the first one being the Norwegian band Rumble In Rhodos´ acclaimed album "Signs Of Fervent Devotion", along with Anders Tjore. Since then he has produced an array of albums and singles of different bands and artists, working within a wide variety of genres.

The list of artists Mokkelbost has worked with include Jonas Alaska, Atlanter, Bow To Each Other, No. 4, Aiming For Enrike, Torsion Beat, Virkelig, Mari Boine, Jaa9 & Onkl P, Rohey, Billie Van, Morudes, Bendik, Magnus Bechmann, Hawkon, IVIE, Kildaphew, Tellef Raabe, The Cheaters,  Anna Of The North and many more.

As a music supervisor, he has worked on Joachim Trier´s last 2 films, the American movie "Louder Than Bombs" and the Norwegian film "Thelma" - where he also composed some music for the score. He has also been a supervisor on the film "Welcome To Norway". 

He runs the label Pekula Records, with artists like Pekula Vol.1. - ARP,  Aiming For Enrike and Amgala Temple.

Work in television includes the score for the documentary series "Messias" (NRK), as well as music for "Dalen Vår" (NRK), "De Nominerte" (NRK) and lots of other things.